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Amoena Aqua Wave Prosthesis Breast Form. 149

Whether the weather is warming up or cooling down, we all still like to swim all year round - and that's where a swimming Amoena Breast Form comes in handy.
This is an Aqua Wave Breast Form from the Amoena brand - Amoena Aqua Form specifically to slot inside your costume (Swimmers) or your active bras.

It's a great breast form. It's a little bit lighter than your traditional breast form.
Great for swimming but also for girls that are a little bit more active it can be worn all day long and great for travelling and great as a back up breast form / breast prosthesis.
These are a little bit cheaper than your traditional breast form / breast prosthesis - and your private health fund, if you have the cover, will cover your costs on the breast form.
They come in one traditional shape, with a hollow back and it has little waves at the back so the water slides through it and doesn't cause the breast form to fall away from your chest wall.
Great to slot in your costume (swimming costume).
Visit the product here, feel free to book a free Sydney fitting or chat and I can talk to you about other breast forms as well.

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