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Amoena Adhesive Nipples. 137


Amoena Adhesive Nipples give you the confidence to wear anything you like with a look so natural you will feel great.

Sometimes girls that have had a reconstruction done, it's a little bit distressing to go back and have second surgery to have a nipple reconstructed straight away so you have the option of having a nipple fitted.

Amoena Adhesive Nipples come in a colour to suit you. Ivory, Almond, Bronze and Tawny. (Sizes S - 3.4cm, M - 3.9cm, L - 4.9cm)

These are Fantastic! Adhesive Amoena Nipples come in a set of two - so you can even up both sides. They come in a lot of different size from small right through to large. The larger sizes have a little bit of a more prominent nipple so those of you that like to have your headlights shining all the time the bigger ones are perfect.
They also come in different shades. This is the paler shade but they come right up to a very dark shade as well.
Just going to give you a little option of how they adhere to a breast form / breast prosthesis if you'd like the extra nipple on the breast form.

Here is a traditional Amoena Breast Form / Breast Prosthesis, and these are an Amoena Contact Nipple.

They peel off, they stick onto the breast form Hence giving you a real life like boob!
These nipples are also fantastic onto a reconstructed breast as you can shower in them, you can do every activity that you do normally and they will not peel off until you actually physically take them off yourself.
Girls love these Nipples because they look and feel so realistic.
I can deliver anywhere in Australia or I can come to see you anywhere in Sydney Metro for a Free Fitting to show you what they look like.

Color: Ivory

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