These are a few of Your Favourite Things…Sound of Music come to mind…Oh I can hear Julie Andrews singing atop the Austrian Mountains as if I were watching it now…it really is one of my Favourite Things.

When you think of Your Favourite Things, does lingerie come to mind!! Comfort, prettiness, invisible and of course sexy…these should conjure up a few of Your Favourite Things.

Reaching into the back of your lingerie draw and pulling out the one Favourite Bra to find that it has lost its OOMPH..I meana the elastic is all stretched, but yes its beautiful but just for around the house wear…HMMMMM time to go out and find a new replacement. What do you look for when buying a replacement it become a new one of Your Favourite Things?

Its so individual..I mean you are individual, there is only one you…not another like you, unless of course if youre an identical twin, then that’s an exception to the rule.  With your individual taste there comes a size dilemma as each brand of lingerie has a completely different fit to each other, making it individual just for you…so make sure you try it on. Feel it on your skin…is it soft? Is it itchy? Does your breast tissue bulge out the top? Does your breast fall out under the bottom? Is the back on the first hook or the last hook? Can you lengthen the shoulder straps enough for your comfort? Can you see seams under your t-shirt?

All of these little questions should come to mind when you think of Your Favourite Things and especially when buying lingerie.  Lingerie is every girls staple. Whether you have 3, 4, or more of these Favourite Things…make sure you love each and every one of them. Wear them with pride. Wear your best ones out just to do your supermarket shopping,  you want to feel amazing all the time… Whether you’ve had breast surgery, mastectomy, lumpectomy or just a re-size…make sure that Your Favourite Things fit like you never ever want to take them off…

Take the time to be fitted by a professional, it really makes a difference in you.

Love the new you in Your Favourite Things…I know I do xxx