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Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best.

Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best.


Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best …

Do you want a perfect smooth line under your T shirts?

*Smooth T shirt bras give the perfect smoothness without any seams showing through your most fitted items. Click Here to see our favourites.

Do you want a smooth back?

The wider the back the smoother the lines will appear under your clothes, and the higher under the underarm the smoother it will be. The best question you can ever ask is Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best. Click here to see.

Do you want full support for large breast?

This is such a personal question as full support is either with a 3 part cup without underwire, a minimiser or an underwire. Its such a great idea to try them all to see what you feel most comfortable in…Sometimes a non underwire with a 3 part cup is great for sensitive girls giving great support so this is Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best. Others love the full support underwire gives as it really does lift and separate for a minimalistic look. Click here for ideas.

 Are you a gym junkie and need extra support?

Being active is fantastic for your body, mind and soul. Active Bras are the perfect option for the support you need whilst bouncing or running around, to hold the girls in without too much jiggling…and yes try on a few as each brand is different and offers different support needs as this is Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best. Click here for active options.

Do you prefer no underwire?

No underwire is such a personal option. Most doctors will recommend no underwire as it relieves pressure in sensitive areas that may have had surgeries. The best question to ask is Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best will encourage you to try a few different styles, without feeling like you must wear a basic bra, as plenty of pretty non underwires are available in both non underwire and full wire options. Click here to see multi options.

Do you need a front opening option?

Frances is our best selling front opening Bra, with easy access to the wound site post breast surgery, to less stress on the shoulders for others. Sometimes its a comfort thing, whilst other times its a necessity. So give it a try in your size today.

…if you answered yes to any of these, then YES this is Why a Well Fitted Bra is Best.

Im always available for any questions you may have in the Breast world…Either Call or email..

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