Time For a New Breast Prostheses!

2 years has passed…is it Time For a New Breast Prostheses? I guess its the question on everyone’s lips as to when is the best Time For a New Breast Prostheses!

Yes every 2 years you are eligible as it is Time For a New Breast Prostheses!

Medicare offers you a full rebate of $400 for your new Breast Prostheses replacement. New shapes, styles, sizes and weights are available for you to choose exactly what's perfect just for you.

Enough thinking is it Time For a New Prostheses! Pick up the phone 0418 408 005 and call me to book your free appointment fitting or click here to book online now.  All Medicare forms and lodgement will be done for you with ease. It really is so easy, instead of thinking is it Time for a New Prostheses! All the hard work is done for you.

Fitting for a new prostheses is so much fun. New lingerie to brighten up your winter wardrobe or maybe a new contact pad to adhere your new prostheses directly to you when needed, all in the comfort of your own home. No queues, no waiting…all focus on you.

It’s so easy to get lost in thought and push it to the back of your mind so that you never think about whether its Time For a New Breast Prostheses! A reminder letter will be sent to you when you are due so that the effort of thinking about it is left to me.

Here are some questions I’ve recently been asked, you can also find them and others on my FAQ page:

How much do I get back from Medicare?
Every 2 years Medicare will refund you $400 for a breast form replacement ($400 per side) – click here to see the breast forms available

How will my shoulders cope? Do you feel heavier on your mastectomy side?
Do you find the breast form you are wearing too heavy? If so maybe it’s time for a contact form so that it adheres to your body and takes the weight off your shoulders. However if you don’t like that idea we can go for a lighter weight breast form. See breast forms here.
It’s rare to have anyone find the breast form is too light – however if you feel it is we have heavier ones available.

Is your bra strap fraying?
Time for a new bra. It’s important to have the correct support to hold the prosthesis and protect your shoulders.
Plus new lingerie will always add some joy to your life.
Check out our new pretty bras here.

Do you feel you need an extender to cope with an uncomfortable bra across your back?
Some women don’t necessarily need to go up a bra side, however having an extender helps to ease the pressure around your under bust making it a lot more comfortable without having to get a new bra. Extenders coming soon online, contact me for more info.

Is your Breast Prostheses starting to leak and become sticky?
Time for a new one! And remember every two years there is a Medicares rebate ($400 per breast form / side). Shop breast forms here.

Do you feel your Breast Prostheses is too small or large compared to your natural side?
Sometimes we fluctuate in weight and sometimes it’s necessary to change sizes with each new fitting. Plus with age breast change can be common.

Nipples – show them / hide them / what about your other side?
Breast forms have little non-protruding nipples. Therefore your natural side changes with the temperature. In this case moulded bras (where they have thin padding at the front) is a great option.
Alternatively, if you would like your nipples showing, we have stick on nipples available.

Can you wear an underwire bra post surgery?
Normally no. Most doctors recommend you to steer clear of underwire bras due to the sensitivity of the wound site.

I’ve had a bilateral mastectomy, can I have a smaller size (or much bigger size) than what I was naturally?
Absolutely! You can now be whatever size you like. The choice is yours.
If I come to visit you for a free fitting (click here) you can try each size to see what you’d like to be now.

I have pain on my mastectomy site, is there a soft bra that feels good to wear all the time?
Frances will be your breast friend :)
Being 100% cotton, super soft, lovely support – she’s everything you might need in a bra.
And being such a fan, I will give you a free one with each fitting. Or if you order online, just mention “Frances Friend” in the comments and I’ll include one for you too.

Is there a clip up the front bra for easier access as I have also had shoulder surgery and find it difficult to do my bra up at the back?
Frances is the perfect go-to post surgery. She clips up at the front, has wide shoulder straps and it cotton. More info here.

I’m going to a special event. Are there pretty bras that can be worn under sheer tops and dresses that will still give me ample coverage?
Yes – click here to see our great range of full coverage pretty bras.

One breast is bigger than the other, how can I pad up the other side without it being noticeable?
Our partial range covers all shapes and sizes to give you the perfect balance. These are coming soon to my website, so feel free to call me on 0418 408 005 to discuss range options.

Can I swim in a Breast Prostheses?
Yes you can, however it’s recommended you buy a specific swimming prostheses so the salt / chlorine don’t damage your everyday prostheses.

How do I care for my Breast Prostheses?
Simply hand wash with gentle liquid body soap as you would your own skin.
You can wash it every day or every time you shower.
As it doesn’t retain water, it’s also easy to towel dry.

Can I sleep in my Breast Prostheses?
Yes you can, however if you prefer, our leisure form is a soft option for nightwear.

Is there a cooler option in Breast Prostheses as my old one is so hot in the Summer weather?
The Breast forms are being updated with better technology all the time – the newer released ones have an improved cooling system in the back.
And don’t forget, every 2 years you get a $400 Medicare rebate (per side) to update to a newer version.

Can I travel in my Breast Prostheses?
Yes you can. Some girls the Leisure Form as a lighter option whilst travelling.

Do I need a Doctors letter to claim my Medicare rebate?
No, just the purchase invoice from me (I am specially accreddited with Medicare) is normally fine to use. I can even help you fill in the form and lodge it for you when I come to do the fitting.

During the fitting, do I get the Breast Form then and there?
Yes! I bring a full shape and size range with me for you to buy on the day and wear immediately.

I’m travelling to Sydney, can you come to my hotel or where I’m staying?
Yes. Please provide as much notice as you can so I can ensure I’m available to see you when you are here. To see the areas I service, please visit my Sydney & Surrounds map.

Will my private Health fund cover me for any Mastectomy Bras?
Yes – depending upon your level of cover.

Is there a soft Breast Prostheses as my mum is quite frail and would like a soft and light form?
Yes the leisure form would be ideal. It’s a memory foam ideal for comfort

Can I wear a Breast Prostheses immediately after a Mastectomy?
Not usually – it’s not recommended by doctors as you need time to heal. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks (or your medical guidance). It’s normally best to get the all clear after your surgery before wearing a Breast form.

Do I put my Breast Prostheses in the washing machine?
No!! Please don’t.
Instead treat it as you would your normal breast – wash it regularly with gentle body soap in the shower and towel dry.

Can I exercise in my Breast Prostheses?
Yes you can. I do recommend a comfortable sports bra to ensure minimal movement – see a range here.

I’m unable to leave my home. How can I be fitted with a new Breast Prostheses on my return from hospital?
Easy – just call me and I can come to you. To see the areas in Sydney & Surrounds I service, click here.

Is there a better price?
All breast forms I sell on the website are based on the RRP set by the manufacturers. If you are looking for a more affordable option, please call me or book a free fitting here.

I have a different question
Please click here to contact me or feel free to call me on 0418 408 005, I’m always happy to chat.


These are a few of the questions that play on the mind of all of us from time to time…so if your thinking is it Time For a New Breast Prostheses!, and have a list of questions…ask away and we will always give you the most practical and useful tips for you so that you are always comfortable…

Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy..

Call me anytime with any questions you may have..or email me.

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Vanessa Benicky Sydney Breast Prosthesis Specialist