Amoena Sarah Compression Bra


Wanting a comfy compression garment! Amoena Sarah Compression Bra has everything you need to feel comfortable and confident whilst healing from your breast surgery.  Easy front opening clips that allow you to adjust the size to give you the comfort you need throughout the day.

The Amoena Sarah Compression Bra is your perfect post op compression item.

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Take a look at the Amoena Sarah Compression Bra, this will give you the comfort and pressure you need for your recovery post surgery.


The Amoena Sarah Compression Bra has front hook and eye closures for easier opening whilst you heal from surgery. A flap in the back allows the Amoena Compression Belt to attach securely to the bra, the flap can be folded when not in use.

This Amoena Sarah Compression Bra has moulded cups and flat seams throughout to reduce irritation with a soft elastic band designed to not roll up. The broad adjustable bra straps give the bra space to tighten as needed.

Comfort is important whilst allowing the Amoena Sarah Compression Bra to aid in any swelling post Breast Surgery.

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