Amoena Balance Natura Partial Prostheses


The Breast feeling is knowing you can wear the Amoena Balance Natura Partial Breast Prostheses. Fit against your natural skin or slipped inside a pocketed bra for all day symmetry and comfort.

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Amoena Balance Natura Partial Prostheses is a Partial Breast cup to fit over your breast to even out post operative or reconstruction on your breast.

This Partial is a medium thickness to enhance areas that require support over the Breast. It fits neatly into your bra pocket or directly over your skin for your comfort.

Amoena Balance Natura Partial Prostheses is covered by Medicare every 2 years. So toss out the tissues that have been filling your bra and try a Partial just for you…

Please feel free to call or message me anytime for more info…0418 408 005


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