The Breast Choices.

There are choices and then there are The Breast Choices.

Many shapes and sizes are available for you to choose amongst brands that offer you The Breast Choices.

We are talking Breast items…The Breast Choices for your breast. Mastectomy Bras, Breast Prostheses, Nipples and of course your choice of service.

Often its a matter of whats the easiest. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to wander through department stores, browsing and choosing whatever I like…however…sometimes the service lacks where the merchandise shines…That’s where you need to be aware of The Breast Choices available to you.

Love and care are a big tick on the adventure of Breast stuff. Hmmmmm adventure is I guess a way of putting out there what you are going through at certain times of your life…some adventures are fantastic, some are teaching adventures and others are adventures that we wish we had never stumbled upon. But in each adventure there is learning…we are meant to take the good with the bad. These choices are wide open for The Breast Choices just for you.

Certain times require certain choices. You may be house bound for a little while or unable to drive so that brings The Breast Choices for you to be a home visit. Wrapped in the cocoon of your own little paradise to bare yourself with the choices to try on whatever you like with whatever you have in your wardrobe, so that way your favourite wardrobe full of the things you love can still be your all time fav things to wear.

An adventure in getting the you back…The Breast Choices for you to make should be filled with smiles, oh and of course with a great cup of tea…the Breast tea makes The Breast Choices.

Whilst we are on the subject of Breasts…its the Breast idea to get your Breasts checked often enough so that it becomes a normal part of your life…get familiar with you. The Breast Choices for this are totally up to you…its all about you.

Sometimes sharing The Breast Choices you have made with others will make their adventure just that little bit easier to cope with. Sharing is caring always.

Pop me a note with some of The Breast Choices you have made so that I can share them too…

Love and caring always

Vanessa Benicky Sydney Breast Prosthesis Specialist

0418 408 005