A Healthy You

A Healthy You is for life…

A Healthy You starts from the inside out. Its all good a well for you to hear…”get Healthy”…It all starts with A Healthy You… One step at a time. Start by omitting the amount of sugar you consume. Instead of 2 teaspoons in your tea, have one, then half then none. Yay… Easy…you just started on A Healthy You.

A Healthy You always starts with a healthy gut. Why not introduce a probiotic each day…switch it up and have a few different ones on hand. Best before your meal. Probiotics come in all forms..kombucha, kefir, yogurt, powder, sauerkraut or pills…whatever tickles your fancy, be sure to get tasting, your gut will love you for it…

Processed foods are always going to grab you in the supermarket aisle and reel you in…look for the less processed of your favourite stuff. Remember A Healthy You feels like healthy food. Rice…swap white for Brown or Basmati. Quinoa loves your tummy too. Oats keep you full for the morning, made with coconut milk, almond milk or water…mixed with berries. Yum. These simple starters will kick start A Healthy You before you even have time to think about it. Bread…hmmmmm, why not opt for a gluten free or rice bread. Easy on the digestive system and ends with a smile from down below.

A Healthy You will definitely keep the doctor away and colds at bay…tea, be it green, black or white, another smiley tummy lover. Try your coffee with a dash of coconut oil, perfect.

These little hints will get you on track to A Healthy You. This I promise will make you smile from the inside out.

What better way than to take your own…lunch, snacks or in between, that way you know whats going in, filling you up and making you shine…Your hair will love it, your nails and tummy…A New You, A Healthy You.


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